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    CTrustGlobal is one of the leading Authorized Citizenship by Investment Agent in the whole Middle East. We provide the fastest process of issuing dual passport and new citizenship by investment programs with no residency requirements.

    Our legal experts possess unrivaled knowledge of Investor Immigration Programs and are well-versed to help investors enjoy the Dual Citizenship benefits and meet their needs. We offer tailored services that substantially streamline the immigration process.
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    CTrustGlobal is the first and leading company in the 
    Middle East to become an Authorized Agent for 
    Caribbean Governments
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    We have many Certified Partners/Promoters across the globe and we are always looking to expand our network. 
    We are looking for licensed immigration companies, consultants, lawyers, private bankers, accountants and other financial/legal professionals with high reputation and good connection with high net worth clients.
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