After Dominica, Grenada opens a Consulate in Dubai

After Dominica, Grenada opens a Consulate in Dubai

With an aim to bolster the ties between UAE and Grenada and citizenship by investment program, Grenada has opened its first consulate in Dubai. This step is expected to develop cultural, economic and scientific ties between the two countries and the Middle East region at large.

The Grenadian Consul General to the UAE, Rose Ann Benjamin was beyond delighted at the opening ceremony of Grenada’s first Consulate in the Middle East. She said, “It is a pleasure to be representing Grenada in the UAE,". She thanked the Government of the UAE “for this opportunity and the warm welcome I have received. My Government is serious and committed to strengthening the relations between the two countries.”

Rose Ann also noted that a Consulate in Dubai will be instrumental in working actively to attract and promote potential investors and the many benefits for family along with the freedom of mobility and will also open a platform for foreign exchange reserve for the country potentially bolstering the economy.

Grenada Consulate General also praised UAE for its support in strengthening Grenada’s sustainable development goals leaning towards the use of renewable energy as UAE also hosted the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency. From the very conception of the nation, Grenada has been the recipient of generous grants from the Government of The United Arab Emirates including the reconstruction of the Parliament building. She acknowledged that UAE has been an important development partner and emphasized for a deeper cooperation in areas of mutual interest.

English speaking Caribbean island nation is known for being the second-largest producer of Nutmeg, Grenada has the fastest growing economies in the region with a 5% growth rate. The economy of the island nation is powered by its tourism, agriculture, the world-renowned St George University School of Medicine, and foreign investment via Citizenship by Investment program. Grenada has as many as 140 countries in its visa-free list including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, Russia, Brazil, EU Schengen State, and many more. The Grenada Citizens also have the advantage of a US E2 visa which allows them to live and work in the US.

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