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Benefits of Investing in Turkish Investor Program

Benefits of Investing in Turkish Investor Program

The Turkish Investor Program is a citizenship by investment program designed to provide passport and citizenship to interested foreigners with high net worth. With an investment starting from just a minimum of $250,000 you can not only buy Real Estate in prime locations in Turkey but also get Citizenship and Passport within just 3-6 months.

Benefits of Turkish Investor Program-

  • Citizenship Privileges- You and your family get legal rights to live, study and work in Turkey and get to visit about 100+ countries around the globe without visa or visa on arrival, including the Schengen Region by Investing in Turkish Citizenship Program.
  • Investment Modes- There are several options to invest in Turkish Investors Program, starting with a minimum investment of $250,000 in real estate, which is practically the most affordable way to acquire a legal passport and ID along with land asset.
  • No Residency Required- To invest in the Citizenship program of Turkey, you do not have to reside in Turkey during, before or after the documentation process, which makes it quite hassle free.
  • Return on Investment- Investing in Turkish Real Estate is a great decision in terms of return on Investment. Real Estate in big cities like Istanbul and Ankara hold good future prospects for both business and personal point of view.
  • Cost of Living- Affordable everyday life is the main attraction of living in Turkey. That means you can live a comfortable life as compared to other countries.  
  • Strategic Location- with its sensitive geopolitical location, Turkey is a commercial hub for Asia, Africa, and Europe, Turkey makes a wonderful destination for international jobs and advanced business opportunities especially for entrepreneurs.
  • Real Estate – Real Estate is cheaper in Turkey than any other country. If you chose to invest in real estate, we will help you select the best property and develop it according to your purpose, liking, and taste.

Wherever you are, contact us now to know more about Turkey Citizenship by Investment in Real Estate. Our specialists will help you devise the best investment plan for your budget, requirement and need.

Enjoy a new start with CTrustGlobal!

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