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All you need to know before choosing a second citizenship consultant

When everyone thought the investment migration industry would reach its peak, they placed international travel restrictions. 

However, it only made everyone realize the need for an alternative safe haven. Investment programs' rising interest in residency and citizenship is proof of increased demand. 

The catastrophic effects of covid-19 have already made the world economy crunch up. Moreover, while everyone was trying to overcome the stress and trauma caused by the pandemic, conflicts arising out of Russian-Ukrainian war led the world into another chaos. Though many of us are untouched, these issues have affected many people's lives in multiple ways, i.e., international mobility and economic activity. 

Amidst all this, residency and citizenship by investment have emerged as the most attractive alternative for high-net-worth individuals and families to cover global crises and unseen challenges. 

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Government Official Agent

A Brief about Residency and Citizenship by Investment (RCBI)

On the one hand, high net worth individuals physically move and get the right to live, work, study, and receive healthcare in their new country through residence by investment programs.

 On the other, citizenship by investment programs helps acquire alternative second citizenship granting all the rights, including nationality status, a new passport, and thus, more accessible international travel and freedom to settle in new jurisdictions.

That brings us to an essential question: 

Is it the right time to move abroad? 

Honestly, there is no specific time to migrate overseas unless you believe in stars or numerology! 

Anyway, let us ask this question again, but with a slight twist. 

When to apply for citizenship by Investment Program?

One may ask when is the right time to apply for citizenship through CBI. 

The answer to it is NOW!! 

The best time to immigrate is defined by your need for greater freedom and mobility. 

Participation in any residency or citizenship by investment program entirely depends on you. If you are ready to take a step forward, now is the time. 

  • If you want to diversify your portfolio, it is the right time. 
  • If you want geopolitical independence, it is the right time. 
  • If you want to optimize your tax regime, it is the right time.
  • If you want to travel without limitations, it is the right time. 
  • If you want to protect your wealth and assets, it is the right time.
  • If you want to benefit from another country's citizens' rights, it is the right time. 
  • If you are willing to move, live, study or work overseas, it is the right time. 
  • If you want to keep your family untouched by uncertainties, it is the right time.

There is no good or bad time to look for a diversification haven. 

Whenever you felt the need to apply for citizenship by investment is the right time to do it. 

However, if you are from countries like Russia and Belarus, this may be a difficult time for you to begin with your citizenship by investment application. 

It will be complex because of these countries' disrupted banking and transaction system and complicated due diligence procedure. 

But not impossible, as many Caribbean countries have already lifted the ban and started picking up applications from these war-led countries, tapping into the higher demand from the region. 

Here is a detailed guide on what Russian investors can expect regarding investment migration- Easy Second passport for Russians: changing trends in demands from Russians

Whom to contact?

It is crucial to do your homework when we are talking about a monetary investment of the kind involved in CBI programs across the globe require. 

Since you are well aware of when to apply for CBI, it's time you begin your search about whom to contact and how to begin with your citizenship plans. 

Only a genuine, reliable, and trusted immigration advisory firm can guide you for foreign immigration. 

Many fraudsters, scammers, and cons are eager to take advantage of your gullibility. 

A con man or scammer will not only ripe you off your money but could leave you amid more significant chaos like- smuggling, debt-trap, body trafficking, and human trafficking, etc. 

Make sure you are contacting genuine consultants before handing them over any money or your original documents. 

Here is how you spot a scam-

  • Asking you for credit card details on the phone
  • Receiving strange emails from companies, you have never contacted
  • Guaranteeing citizenship in a concise span than imaginable
  • They are asking for investment less than mentioned on the government website.
  • Don't have any online presence.

Here are some tips for finding out a reliable agent-

  • Online Search - it's the most basic way and liable to error, but it is important to begin online as you can get a good idea about the credibility of any agency or firm you are likely to hire.
  • Lookout for Registered Legal Advisors – ensure that the citizenship by investment agency's licensed by the government of the country you are planning to apply.
  • Say No Agents - Hire Legal advisors and advocates in practice instead of freelancers or agents. A firm has a proper setup, servicing team, registration status, and other professionals to help you through. While an agent or a freelancer having none of the above is more likely to cheat. 
  • Track Record- Tracking a firm's record of success is essential. It shows how competent they are at handling your passport portfolio. 
  • Don't Dish out Money in the First Consultation – those who are after your money will immediately ask for it. A genuine consultancy won't compromise its reputation over money.
  • Knowledge and Expertise – Ensure you hire expert professionals with in-depth knowledge of the procedure involved in citizenship by investment. Without proper guidance and a thorough understanding of the process, an application is likely to be turned down, reflecting on one's future portfolio assessment. 

Being cautious is a rule of thumb when dealing with investment immigration consultants. 

Hire licensed legal advisors to save you time, effort, and money in the long run. 

 How to find citizenship by investment agency?

Above given are some of the credible ways to find the right agency to help you apply for citizenship by investing in the country of your preference. 

The best way is to make a checklist from the list of government-certified accredited firms authorized by each citizenship investment country and enlisted on their official website. 

Below given is some more information regarding legitimate consultants and advisors. 

Is it worth using a migration agent?

Most CBI countries have their list of authorized agents and advisors worldwide to assist applicants in handling the application process on behalf of the investor without any glitches. 

They are both well versed with the ins and outs of the process and are well aware of the complex legalities involved. 

Hence it is advisable to pick any authorized consultancies to handle your application process.

Difference between applying through a licensed agency or an Agent

The truth is that agents are not qualified to advise on investment immigration. Only government official agent can. 

Moreover, an official agency can handle 

  • notary work, 
  • apostille, 
  • incorporations, 
  • oaths, 
  • certifications and 
  • other legal services. 

Going to a reputable licensed agency like CTrustGlobal will help you through all the legalities involved saving time and money.

What to look for?

What Questions should you ask an investment migration advisor?

Here is what you should ask when you visit a them-

  • Which is the right citizenship by investment program for you and why?
  • What are your chances of success through the selected program?
  • Does the law firm specialize in golden visas, CBI and or family immigration laws?
  • How long has the agency been practicing?
  • Is the agency accountable for the tracking of the application procedure?

Discuss your application thoroughly and ask for more information about your application and your profile status regularly to keep track of the progress. 

Transparency and Accountability

Look out for a firm that takes accountability and deals with each client with transparency regarding their application status. 

It is advisable to conduct follow ups at all the necessary steps diligently and regularly. 

A consultant deals with –

  • Selecting the correct destination for CBI depends on your preference and requirements.
  • Guiding about the best investment option
  • Profile assessment
  • Aligning necessary documentation
  • Application submission process

Secure successful participation in citizenship by investment

When you begin with investment citizenship programs, there are some vital points to keep in mind. 

  • As the investor applicant, you will have to ensure all the information you have provided regarding your documents is correct. 
  • Dishing out false or misleading information to international immigration authorities will draw legal action as it is a legal offense. Such cases are liable for consecutive punishment, such as heavy penalties, a travel ban for life, visa rejection, etc.
  • Consultants who advise giving out false information or forged documents are liable for legal action.

As such, as much as it is the responsibility of your hired citizenship by the investment firm, you are equally accountable for the authenticity of your application. 

Bear in mind the consequences before being casual about it.

Also check this out- Mistakes That Can Get Your Second Passport and Dual Citizenship Revoked

CTrustGlobal can help you!

As a licensed agent accredited by the governments of many countries including-, 

CTrustGlobal has qualified advocates and professional consultants to offer the highest quality of legal services.  

CTrustGlobal is an international consultancy established in 1994, specializing in citizenship and residency by investment program acquisition. 

With a 100% approval rate, you can be sure your application is in safe hands. 

We have successfully served thousands of international clients and partners, individuals, and families to reach their immigration goals. We have over two decades of experience ensuring your application is processed with a 100% success rate in alternative residence and citizenship options. 

Contact us now to start your profile and book a consultation with our experts.

Article written by CTrustGlobal
CTrustGlobal is a Government recognized and Authorized Immigration and Investment Program agent, representative, promoter and marketer. We are the leading name in providing investor immigration services as per the guidelines offered by The Governments of the Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda and Saint Kitts & Nevis and Cyprus.


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