February 2018

How to Obtain Citizenship in Canada Through Permanent Residency?

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There is no specific and direct way of obtaining a citizenship in Canada. Although, The Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada, IRCC has devised different pathways for getting a permanent resident status in the country. Yes, [...]

January 2018

Canada’s PM Tells How Antiguans Could Get Visa-Free Access to His Country Again

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Good news for Antigua's Passport Holders... Now you could get Visa-Free Access to Canada again in near future. In June 2017, Canada imposed a restriction on Antigua & Barbuda citizens Visa-Free access to Canada. ST [...]

First Choice for Second Passport for Middle Eastern Nationals

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It is no secret that the current political climate has rendered most middle east countries categorically instable. It’s this reason that has made it crucial for many wealthy business people specially from the middle eastern [...]

CTrustGlobal has Acquired a Leading Name in Second Citizenship Industry

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CTrustGlobal provides Citizenship by Investment, Residence by Investment and Second Passport programmes There is no doubt, we are the leading name in Second Citizenship industry not only for Dominica, but also for many other citizenship [...]

November 2017

UAE and Grenada sign MoU on visa exemption

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Emirati and Grenadian nationals exempted from obtaining pre-entry visas. New York: The UAE and Grenada have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to exempt Emirati and Grenadian nationals carrying ordinary passports from obtaining pre-entry visas. [...]

October 2017

CBIU Dominica Issued Warning on Incorrect Information on EDF Contributions

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Recently Government of Dominica, Citizenship by Investment Unit has issued a warning for some companies offering second citizenship in cost lesser than the amount mentioned on Government websites. These companies are issued a warning that [...]