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Become a Canada Resident by investment

The Canada Immigrant Investor program comes with two options which suits various income groups and attract young and talented entrepreneurs to settle and establish their businesses in the country.

Canada Resident by Investment

Canada Immigration by Investment Program

The Canadian government is currently offering 2 major Investors Immigration Programs namely-

a) The Federal Immigrant Investor Program (FIIP)

Allows only 60 applications each year. This pilot program requires an investment at risk of 2 Millions CAD for 15 years, hence not making it a very attractive option.

b) The Quebec Immigration Investor Program (QIIP)

The maximum quota of 1,900 applications allows basically for applications to be submitted from May to February each year, unless any upcoming future ministerial instructions proclaim otherwise.


Here is a full detail of the investment options available to the Canada investor immigration program applicants-

Full Investment

The applicants selecting this option are to deposit an amount of CAD$1.2 million for 5 years. This amount is fully refundable after the specified period, but other costs and charges accrued for processing are not refunded.

Financed Investment

This option is for those who use a chartered bank to finance this amount of CA$1.2 million. The loan is repaid without any additional guarantees from the applicant.

To obtain an amount as huge as CA$ 1.2 million within 60 days of the submission of application, not many people wish to liquidate their assets, and honestly, many just cannot! So, instead of making a refundable payment of CA$ 1.2 million, applicants also have the option to make a non-refundable contribution of CA$ 350,000+ additional charges, including Government brokerage fees.

If the applicant chooses the one time-payment solution, the investment of CA$ 1.2 million does not apply any more, phew!

More than 93% applicants chose this financial solution of CA$ 350,000, to obtain immigration by investment in Canada.


QIIP is the most reliable option to obtain PR in Canada by passive investment
For QIIP, investor must obtain Selection of Quebec Certificate at the federal level before applying for the health and security screening.
Quebec, like other Canadian provinces, offers total liberty and movement of establishing in any Canadian provinces or territories.


Requirements for Immigration by Investment 

  • Adequate knowledge of English and / or French is a plus for qualification
  • A sound police clearance record is essential
  • Document establishing managerial business experience
  • Personal interview after clearing language and other civic tests (in 50% of cases)
  • Health and security screening by a physician approved from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • Once the procedure is complete, Canada business Visa is issued to the investor and his accompanying family
  • After arriving in the country, the immigrant is granted a Permanent Residence Card.

Citizenship Requirements –

Those resident investors and their families who have been living in Canada for more than 3 years out of 5, are eligible to apply for a citizenship. Other than the residency requirement, qualified immigrant applicant investors and families are eligible to acquire a Canadian passport which is repeatedly ranked as one of the most valued and powerful passports in the world.


To qualify for the Canada investor program, an applicant is required to meet the below mentioned eligibility criteria:-

  • Demonstrate a managerial business experience of at least 2 years
  • Net worth of the applicant (and spouse) should exceed CA$ 2 million
  • Provide necessary documents of income sources
  • Willing to settle in Quebec province (QIIP)
  • The applicant’s family must pass medical and security test
  • You must have CA$ 350,000 as non-refundable contribution about 1 year after file submission (or 3 months for Intermediate/advanced French speaking applicants).

BENEFITS / Why Pick Canadian Immigration Scheme?

Ranked as a topper in comparative survey as an industrialized nation, Canada is popular among young and talented immigrant aspirants from all over the world. With no age, language or education requirements, Canada immigration by Investment program is but one of the most popular for people wishing to relocate.

  • Canada is a member of NAFTA and G8 summit
  • World class health care system
  • Excellent and affordable education system
  • Cultural, ethnic, and religious tolerance
  • Safest countries with high quality of life
  • Beautiful environment and diverse terrain
  • Canadian passport is ranked 6th in global passports ranking for international travel
  • Canadian citizens have visa-free entry to more than 170+ countries

HOW TO APPLY FOR canada investor immigration program

For detailed information on Canada investor program, Contact us now if you meet the basic requirements and eligibility criteria and agree to deposit the mandatory financial requirements. 

Further Information About Canada Immigration

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