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The Egyptian citizenship by investment program, established in 2019, aims to attract foreign investments and bolster the country's economy. Applicants have the option to acquire citizenship through a monetary contribution, real estate investment, bank deposit, or investment project.

Egypt Citizenship by Investment

Egypt Citizenship Cost & Procedures

The cost and procedures for acquiring Egyptian citizenship through investment are straightforward and accessible.

Applicants have the option to choose between different investment routes, including a non-refundable monetary contribution or investment in real estate projects approved by the government.

Investment options

a) Government Fund "Donation":

To obtain Egyptian citizenship, applicants have the option to make a non-refundable donation of $250,000 USD directly to the public treasury of the state. 

This method offers a straightforward pathway to citizenship within a span of just six months. 

Upon making the donation, applicants can proceed with the citizenship application process, which includes the necessary documentation and approval steps outlined by the Egyptian authorities.

b) Bank Deposit Method:

Applicants can choose the bank deposit route to secure Egyptian citizenship. This method involves linking a deposit to the Central Bank of Egypt, with two deposit options available. 

The first option requires a $750,000 deposit, which is refundable after five years in Egyptian pounds without any additional financial return. 

The second option entails a $1 million deposit, refundable after three years in Egyptian pounds. 

Both options provide a viable pathway to citizenship, allowing applicants to fulfill the investment requirements set forth by the Egyptian government.

C) Commercial Investment Method:

Another avenue to obtain Egyptian citizenship is through commercial investment. 

This method entails establishing or participating in an investment project with a minimum investment of $400,000 USD and a participation rate of at least 40% of the project’s capital. 

By investing in a commercial venture, applicants contribute to the economic development of Egypt while simultaneously fulfilling the investment criteria necessary for citizenship.

D) Real Estate

Lastly, applicants may choose to invest in real estate to acquire Egyptian citizenship. 

This method involves purchasing property owned by the state for a minimum amount of $500,000 USD. 

Investing in real estate not only provides applicants with a tangible asset but also serves as a strategic investment in Egypt's growing property market. 

Upon completing the real estate investment, applicants can proceed with their citizenship application, following the requisite procedures outlined by the Egyptian authorities.

Steps To Obtain Egypt Citizenship

The application process to obtain Egypt citizenship is very simple, taking around 6 months to complete. It starts with the submission of documents and ends with the issuance of a certificate of naturalization & passport.
Step 01: Eligibility Check
Caribbean Trust ensures eligibility of the applicant, pre-check performed.
Step 02: First Payment
After pre-check approval, transfer the initial payment to start the process.
Step 03: File Submission
The complete file is provided to CBIU for initial background checks, followed by compliance approval and an exhaustive due diligence process.
Step 04: Receive Approval
After the due diligence process, the approval letter issued by the Egypt government.
Step 05: Final Payment
A formal request is issued whereby you are required to settle the contribution.
Step 06: Receive Certificate of Naturalization & Passport
So, the entire Egypt citizenship process takes about 180 days to complete, post which the certificate of naturalization and passport issued.


To qualify for the Egypt citizenship each applicant must provide the following documents and proofs:


Medical Examination
Character certificate with no criminal record

Personal Visit to Egypt
Proof of Financial Solvency

The documentation procedure is concise. The processing duration takes up to 3-4 months


Calculate the cost

The total cost of obtaining Egypt citizenship depends on the investment option, number and age of applicants. Complete the form you will receive an exact cost calculation.


Visa Free Travel

Access to 52+ visa free countries and markets in Africa, Europe, the Indian subcontinent, and the Middle East

Eligibility for an E-2 Investor Visa

One can apply for USA E2 Visa after receiving citizenship of Egypt

Full Residence Status

Complete right to live and work in Egypt

No Residence Required

No residency requirements in Egypt before or after citizenship is granted

Dual Citizenship

Dual Citizenship is allowed in Egypt

Confidential Application

Confidential application procedure.

Permanent Residence 

Right to Permanent Residence and Healthcare Benefits

Lifelong Citizenship

The Applicant can legally pass on to generations of the main applicant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for Egyptian citizenship through investment?

Eligibility criteria for the Egypt Citizenship by Investment Program include clean criminal records, financial solvency, and compliance with investment requirements. Applicants must undergo a comprehensive due diligence process to ensure they meet the program's standards.

What steps are involved in the application process for Egyptian citizenship?

The application process typically involves eligibility checks, submission of required documents, payment of administrative fees, review and approval by the Egyptian authorities, and issuance of the certificate of naturalization and passport. Applicants must adhere to the specified procedures and provide accurate documentation throughout the process.

Can family members be included in the Egypt Citizenship by Investment application?

Yes, eligible family members, including spouses and dependent children, can be included in the applicant's citizenship application. The program allows for the inclusion of qualifying family members under certain conditions, ensuring that families can obtain citizenship together and benefit from the privileges conferred by Egyptian citizenship.

Are there any language or residency requirements for Egyptian citizenship?

Unlike some other citizenship programs, the Egypt Citizenship by Investment Program does not impose language proficiency or residency prerequisites. Applicants are not required to demonstrate fluency in Arabic or maintain a physical presence in Egypt before or after obtaining citizenship.

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