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Saint Lucia citizenship program offers 4 options for citizenship by investment: monetary contribution (donation) to National Economic Fund, real estate investment in the government-approved projects, investment in the government-approved enterprise project, and purchasing the government bond.

St. Lucia passport is one of the strongest in the world which allows visa-free travel to more than 146 countries including the EU, Schengen, UK, and Singapore.

Citizenship attained is citizenship for life and irrevocable which can be pass on to coming next generations. As St. Lucia acknowledges dual citizenship, no need to renounce your current nationality.

St Lucia

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Steps to Obtain Saint Lucia Citizenship

The application process to obtain Saint Lucia citizenship is very simple, taking around 3 to 4 months to complete. It starts with the submission of documents and ends with the issuance of a certificate of naturalization & passport.
Step 01: Eligibility Check
Caribbean Trust ensures eligibility of the applicant, pre-check performed.
Step 02: First Payment
After pre-check approval, transfer the initial payment to start the process.
Step 03: File Submission
The complete file is provided to CBIU for initial background checks, followed by compliance approval and an exhaustive due diligence process.
Step 04: Receive Approval
After the due diligence process, the approval letter issued by the St. Lucia government.
Step 05: Final Payment
A formal request is issued whereby you are required to settle the contribution.
Step 06: Receive Certificate of Naturalization & Passport
So, the entire St. Lucia citizenship process takes about 90 to 120 days to complete, post which the certificate of naturalization and passport issued.

Citizenship of St. Lucia cost & Procedures

To be eligible for Sanit Lucia citizenship under its Citizenship by Investment Program, the Government requires an investment in one of the four approved areas.

A qualifying investment under the Citizenship by Investment Program of St. Lucia shall satisfy at least a minimum investment in one of the four approved areas.

A) Saint Lucia National Economic Fund
B) Real Estate Projects
C) Enterprise Projects
D) Government Bonds “This option is hereby suspended until further notice.”

A) Saint Lucia National Economic Fund

Applicant applying alone: US$100,000
Applicant applying with spouse: US$140,000
Applicant applying with spouse and up to two (2) other qualifying dependents: US$150,000
Each additional qualifying dependent up to age of 30: US$25,000

B) Real Estate Projects

The minimum investment in a real estate project is required:

Main Applicant: US$300,000

C) Enterprise Projects

The minimum investment in an approved enterprise project has been approved is required:

Option 1 – A sole applicant: US$3,500,000
Option 2 – More than one applicant (joint venture): US$ 6,000,000 with each applicant contributing minimum US$1,000,000

D) Investment in government Bonds 

The existing regulations for the investors purchasing government bonds are as following:

Single applicant: US$ 500,000
Applicant with spouse: US$ 535,000
Applicant with spouse and up to 2 dependents: US$ 550,000
Each additional dependent: US$ 25,000

The notice further states that the pursuant of St Lucia Citizenship are required to pay a non-refundable administration fee of USD 50,000 for each bond.


The following fees have been prescribed under the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Regulations of 2015.

Non-refundable processing fees

  • Principal applicant: US$ 2000
  • Each qualifying dependent: US$ 1000

Non-refundable administration fees

(applicable for an approved real estate or enterprise project investment)

  • Principal applicant: US$ 50,000
  • Each qualifying dependent: US$ 35,000 (18 years of age and over)
  • Each qualifying dependent: US$ 25,000 (under 18 years of age)

Due diligence fees

  • Principal applicant: US$ 7,500
  • Each qualifying dependent (Over 16 years of age): US$ 5,000
The following fees have been prescribed under the Citizenship by Investment Regulations of 2015.


The total cost of obtaining Saint Lucia citizenship depends on the investment option, number and age of applicants. Complete the form you will receive an exact cost calculation.
St Lucia Passport

Benefits of ST. LUCIA Passport

Visa Free Travel

including the EU-Schengen, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland

Minimal Taxation

No wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income or capital gains tax

Full Residence Status

 With the right to live and work in St. Lucia

No Residence Required

No residency required in St. Lucia before or after citizenship is granted

Dual Citizenship

Dual Citizenship is allowed inSt. Lucia

Confidential Application

Confidential application procedure.

Less Processiong Time

Minimum processing time around 90 days.

Lifelong Citizenship

The Applicant can legally pass on to generations of the main applicant.

Download the list of visa free countries

find out easily with most accurate visa free countries for the Saint Lucia passport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Saint Lucia citizenship cost

Saint Lucia’s citizenship cost is cheap compared to other countries that offer the same Citizenship-by-Investment programs. With a minimum of $100,000, foreign investors can acquire a passport and dual citizenship from Saint Lucia.

How long does it take to get a Saint Lucia passport?

The process of getting a Saint Lucia passport and dual citizenship is usually about 3 to 4 months but depending on some cases, the process can take up to 6 months.

What is the Validity of Saint Lucia’s passport?

The Saint Lucia passport is valid for 10-years for adults and 5-years for children but can be renewed thereafter.

What is the Saint Lucia passport ranking?

Saint Lucia’s passport ranks 31st place on the passport ranking system, an impressive position that sees the Caribbean island as one of the countries in the world with the strongest passport. This means that with Saint Lucia’s passport, you can travel visa-free around the world to over 146 countries, including all the Schengen countries, Singapore, the UK, Hong Kong, and more.

Is the Saint Lucia passport good?

The answer is YES! At the rank of 31st place on the passport ranking index, foreign investors holding the Saint Lucia passport can travel visa-free and visa-on-arrival to 146 countries across the world, making it one of the best passports to have.

Can I also get the Saint Lucia passport and dual citizenship for family members?

Saint Lucia’s citizenship-by-investment program also allows family members such as your spouse, children, and other dependents.

What is the Saint Lucia Citizenship-by-Investment program?

Saint Lucia’s citizenship-by-investment program is one of the cheapest among the Caribbean countries, offering foreign investors the possibility of obtaining a Saint Lucian citizenship and passport, in return for a substantial contribution to the country's economy.

What you get after investing in Saint Lucia after completing all the necessary documentation

The government will issue you a passport and certificate of naturalization, which automatically grants you citizenship in the Caribbean country.

Further Information About St. Lucia Passport!

CTrustGlobal is a government appointed authorized agent to promote the Saint Lucia Citizenship Program by Investment and facilitate the process for the interested investors. 
Investors can contact us for other details on fees and alternative investment routes.
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At CTrustGlobal, we place a high value on transparency and give frank and thorough details on the price of St. Lucia citizenship in Dubai. To help you decide wisely depending on your financial objectives, our advisers will break down the necessary investment possibilities, such as real estate, government bonds, or entrepreneurial initiatives. Investigate your investment possibilities and see how much it will cost to become a citizen of St. Lucia.

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