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A gate to Europe as Cyprus is a Full member in the EU.

High quality of life

Be a Global Citizen.

Perks for Cyprus Citizenship!

No Taxation

On your Income / Business

Visa Free Travel

To More Than 100 Countries

Live and Work

In a Different Country

Peace of Mind

As you have no National Limitation

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Invest Euro 2.5 Million in a Group

To be qualify for Citizenship by Investment.

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Why CTrustGlobal?

The expertise you can trust

Why is it important to apply through us for Cyprus Residency and Citizenship by Investment programs?

– We are Government of Antigua & Barbuda Authorized representative.

– We are the most reliable Dominica Government Approved Agent

– Alick Lawrence is Gov. of St. Kitts & Nevis authorized agent

– We are authorized to promote the Greece residence Program.

– We are authorized to promote Cyprus Residence and citizenship Program.

– We have physical offices presence in the countries we serve.

– Well-trained team with multi languages speaking.

– We present an application free from mistakes and speed up the process

– We assist you on money transfer in addition of making payments easier for you.

– We do all the paper works for you such as notarizing and court issues.

Why Invest in Cyprus?

In 2009 the minister of the interior of Cyprus decided to strengthen Cyprus economy and real estate market by creating the residency by investment program. (Category M67 visa) allows applicants to purchase a new personal residence in Cyprus and get the permanent residency.

– Strategic location connecting Asia ,Europe and Africa.

– A full member of the EU since 2004.

– Broad Network of Legal, Accounting and Banking Services.

-Low Corporate Tax and Double Tax Treaties.

-Use of English language.

-Very high level of safety and political stability.

-Advanced land ,sea and air transportation.

-Advanced Telecommunications Network.

-Renown International Shipping Center.

-Highly Educated, Qualified and Multilingual Talent.

-Poised for Long Term Growth.

-Enviable Quality of Life

Eligibility Requiremets:

– The applicant must possess a valid passport.

– The applicant must invest Euro 2.5 Million to be qualify for citizenship by investment.

– The applicant must be a businessman or a professional with a good reputation

– The applicant must have a secured international income to enable the family to live comfortably without working as an employee in Cyprus and have good bank balance.

– The applicant must pass a security background check.


– Each applicant family member has the right to reside permanently in Cyprus.

– Permanent residence Category M67 is not renewable every year but it is forever.

– Applicant should visit Cyprus only once every two years if not residing in the country.

– High quality of life including, Natural beauty, Warm climate, Sea views , Modern medical facilities , Shopping , Sports , Cultural events , and many private English schools and universities.

– A gate to Europe as Cyprus is a Full member in the EU.

– Applicant can qualify for citizenship after 7 years of residency in Cyprus.

– No-risk investment in the best touristic Mediterranean island.

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