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The Best Destination for a Second Passport- Dominica

The Best Destination for a Second Passport- Dominica

If you have been seeking the best place for a second passport you need to look no further. Dominica, an island paradise in the Caribbean, is the most affordable and easily accessible country for obtaining a second passport using the country’s reputable citizenship through investment program. The island nation is situated between Martinique and Guadeloupe, which are both French overseas territories. It is known officially as the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Second passport and Citizenship by investment

Dominica used to be a British dependent territory, but gained independence in1978. The government is based on a parliamentary democracy, with the government head being the Prime Minister.

The island covers an area of 750 sq km and has a population of 70,000 people, which includes those of African descent, a white and a Chinese population. 20,000 residents live in Roseau, the country’s capital. The official language is English, but Creole, a French dialect, is spoken widely. The most popular religion is Christianity, mainly Roman Catholic, with smaller numbers of Protestants, Rastafarians, Moslems and others. The Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the country’s currency and it offers a stable exchange rate which is about EC$ 2.67 to US$ 1.00.

Communications could not be better

“Cable & Wireless” is responsible for direct dialing telephone lines, leased circuits, voice mail and Internet. DSL and, ISDN services are available. Cell phone service is provided by Digicel and Cable & Wireless’s LIME. Internet service can be found at hotels and wi fi is widespread in Roseau. Broadband connections both Cable and DSL are available, along with are web hosting and developing technology. 52 cable television channels are available, including from the Caribbean, US and Latin America. It also has easy airline connections to worldwide destinations.

Health provision

There are no health threats in Dominica and there is health care provision in most areas of health.

Dominica has stable connections overseas

It has membership of CFATF, CARICOM, Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), united Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the  Organization of American States (OAS). It has overseas missions in New York, Washington, Brussels and London and in Canada jointly through the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

The gains of having a Dominica passport

The citizenship through investment program is a legal way of becoming naturalized  for overseas investors and has been approved through the use of governmental laws which gives you a guarantee that it is genuine. Under this program you gain citizenship and a Dominica passport which lasts for 10 years. As for all Dominica citizens, this  is renewable.

In return, you need to provide a direct investment into the country’s economic growth. There is no possibility of ever losing your Dominica citizenship as it will last your lifetime and cannot be revoked, even if government policies change. Another good thing is that in Dominica you are allowed to be a dual citizen, so you don’t need to give up your old passport. The Dominica authorities will not tell your country of origin that you now have Dominica citizenship.

Visa-waiver travel

Dominica has kept up its membership of the British Commonwealth, so those who hold a Dominica passport can enter countries such as the U.K. and Ireland. There are also visa waiver arrangements for entering South Korea, Colombia, Singapore, Ecuador, Chile, Peru and Panama. To make this option even better, Dominica has lodged an application to enable visa free access to all of the 28 European Union countries. That may make it even better than having ownership of a U.K. passport since the recent referendum in that country on E.U. membership, in which a majority of U.K. citizens voted to withdraw the country’s membership of the E.U.

Other gains you make from a Dominica passport are as follows:

  • It is the most cost-effective way of getting a second passport compared to other countries.
  • You don’t have to make any investment until your application has received approval.
  • Holding a Dominican passport is like taking out insurance for you and your family just in case your own country is subject to economic recession or war.
  • It’s considered to be politically one of the safest places in the region.
  • Its great international image means as a passport holder your investments and entrepreneurial ability will be welcome around the world.
  • There are no dangerous reptiles or mammals and it is a country that has been free of dangerous diseases for decades.
  • Dominica boasts the highest number of centurions globally.
  • It has abundant fresh water and is never likely to run short like so many other countries.
  • It grows all sorts of organic healthy fruits and vegetables so is not dependent on imports.

Why is Dominica offering this wonderful second passport opportunity?

The reason why Dominica is offering this great chance to get a second passport is because it has been dependent more or less on tourism to boost its income. In order to broaden its ways of bringing in money from outside it has developed its very successful and highly regarded citizenship by investment program. For most applicants the fact is that they don’t need to reside in the island nation for a specified period of time but simply only need their investment proposal accepted and the second passport becomes automatic with no strings attached.

Costing for a Dominica passport is as follows:

  • A single applicant for citizenship is US$100,000;
  • An applicant with a spouse is US$175,000;
  • An applicant with a spouse and 2 children under 18 years is US$200,000.

On top of these fees are such things as a background check from any countries you have lived in and an application fee.

The process for a citizenship by investment application is as follows:

  1. Hire an experienced Dominica passport agent.
  2. Get a background check.
  3. Submit your payment.
  4. Make travel arrangements to attend the required interview in Dominica
  5. Receive your citizenship and second passport.

Dominica has better passport options than other countries

When I went through the whole process myself, I wasn't in a hurry but I had my new second citizenship in my hand within 12 months far shorter than trying to enter other countries either in their investor or skill categories.

I just spoke to a friend of mine who after working in New Zealand for 3 years finally got his permanent residency but he still has to wait another 5 years before he gets the Kiwi passport. New Zealand is a stable country like Dominica, with a clean and green image and a high standard of living, but it takes much longer to become a citizen compared to Dominica.

Similarly, you may have thought of applying for the EB-5 investor program offered in the United States that invites potential investors with an investment amount of US$500,000 the chance to get permanent residency. It may take 9 months to get such an application approved.

As long as you run the business constantly and employ people too you will be on the road to U.S. citizenship.  Dominica does not have such strict requirements as long as you are approved and you pay for the investment, there is no more waiting time to get a Dominica passport.

No need to worry with a Dominica passport

Some people worry that policies regarding economic citizenship may change as has happened in other countries. When this has occurred, anyone who already has a passport has always kept it.

Other concerns have been over pressure from larger countries like the U.S. putting pressure on a smaller country to close down its economic citizenship program because unscrupulous people have used the second passport to escape their country of origin because they have broken the law. This is always a possibility but smaller countries like Dominica are not necessarily going to give in to larger, more powerful countries.

Dominica has never had problems with any larger country when it has come to any of its policies so as long as its citizenship for investment program is run well and efficiently and no one complains it’s here to stay. If the E.U. approves entry for Dominica’s citizens without having to obtain a visa, then a Dominica passport will be more sought after and the price will likely rise too.

Do you need an attorney to file an application for a Dominica passport?

It would be a smart move hiring an experienced Dominica citizenship attorney who has handled citizenship through investment clients before especially for Dominica. There is some paperwork involved, such as getting a background check which means getting your fingerprints taken. You will have to attend an interview in Dominica before your application can be approved.  Your experienced attorney will know what questions will be asked so you can have the right answers at your fingertips. He or she can advise you on your travel arrangements and recommend somewhere to stay while in Dominica.

It is always useful to have someone at hand to keep you up dated on your application.

With all the uncertainty in the world today a second passport offers you just that extra bit of security if your country of origin is no longer an acceptable place to live in. You can just move out with your family permanently and reside permanently in Dominica where economic and political stability are household names.

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