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global citizen conference dubai

From our long year's experience and processing of thousands of applications, we know that each and every detail counts in the Citizenship Process. Missing one aspect may result in rejection of the application. 

Our team of experts checks and guides you through the process of your application very carefully.

One of our Citizenship Expert will be in contact with you shortly.


Global Citizen Conference is an open discussion where you can meet the Prime Minister, President, Ambassador and other Government officials.

If you want to apply for new citizenship, have applied for dual passport or already got your second citizenship, you can signup and get an invitation to attend these conferences, events and discussions.


The 2016 edition of the Global Citizen Conference, hosted in Dubai – one of the cities of UAE which has roughly more than 200 different nationalities. Dubai is popularly known among the Top cities of the world for Mega Projects of the World including Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab.

Memorable Event

An event in which you can meet the Prime Minister, President and Ambassador. The spots are based on invitation, if you are a client of Caribbean Trust Immigration Services, you will automatically get the notification of upcoming events and conferences.

Eminent Speakers

Global Citizen Conference brings together an impressive list of speakers and guests who share their vision and ideal leadership. This makes the Global Citizen Conference a panel where you exchange your vision with the great leaders for global citizenship.


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