Marriott Hotels to Launch its Autograph Collection in Dominica

Alick Lawrence Marriott

Alick Lawrence, CEO of Silver Beach Development, commends the CBI Programme for allowing projects like his to exist.

On 9th January 2017, Silver Beach announced the launch of world's largest hotel chain, the Marriott International Autograph Collection of Hotels to be launched in Dominica with Silver Beach Resorts and Spa as its official Developers.

The Conference was held in Dominica in front of Honorable President as well as the Honorable Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skirret, Minister of Tourism and Urban Renewal Mr. Robert Tonge, esteemed Members of the Parliament and other guests.

On this esteemed occasion, Dr. Micheal Lawrence, the Director of Silver Beach Resorts and Spa Dominica said in his opening remarks that the project has been in the pipeline since many years. He thanked the government for assisting the team with "the time and resources in investing and promoting in the Citizenship by Investment Program and more specifically the real estate option" which made the initiative resort project meet such enthusiasm from the people of Dominica.

The citizenship by investment program of Dominica and its aligned options of investment has made the project progress smooth. Partnered with Trust Hospitality, Dr. Lawrence asserted "the core objective of the project is to provide more jobs to the people of Dominica" both during the "construction and post construction of the project" and also "assist the economy" of the country by introducing another market to the farmers and entrepreneurs in hospitality industry.


Over 100 million customers of the Marriott International and their allies' Customer rewards programme will soon be able to benefit from visiting Dominica under the programme. The project is going to make the country a travelers hub with such vast potential of travelers thronging in to enjoy the facilities and hospitality the world's largest hotel chain promises to provide. The initiative will give a boost to the tourism industry. Apart from Marriott, other brands that are included and incorporated with the country's CBI program will also facilitate a great move towards a sustained economic progress for the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Dr. Bojen Kumer, Director of Dev CIA Marriott International, said we "offer exceptional growth" and this luxury hotel will be a milestone to "shape the future of travel" in Dominica. Currently Marriott has 3 hotels in the Caribbean 2 in Bahamas. These are boutique hotels with exceptional services and world class infrastructure second to none.

Silver Beach Dominica

Bojan Kumer, Director for Development of the Caribbean and Latin America at Marriott International, calls Dominica a unique island.

Mr. Michael Register, Director of Trust Hospitality Hotel Operator, is the operating partner of Marriott in this project. He said they are in business since last 30 years, involved with best names in hospitality industry and that their team is extremely excited with this growth opportunity.

"Private and public sectors must come together for the growth of tourism" said Hon. Robert Tonge, Minister for Tourism and Urban Renewal as he welcomed Marriott in the country. He further emphasized the role of country's Citizenship by Investment (CIB) Program which has been the main funding source for the project, and also in encouraging and enhancing the potential prospects of tourism in Dominica. Tonge said that infrastructure is the priority of the government to not only enhance visitors’ satisfaction but also in potentially encouraging employment in all related hospitality and service sector to benefit the citizens as well as the visitors in Dominica.

Mr Roosevelt Skirret, The Hon. Prime Minister of Dominica welcomed Marriott in the country calling it "a proud n prestigious moment". He said in his speech that this luxury Autograph Collection of Hotels is a great opportunity to "use Marriott as a brand in the marketing" of our country as a "must-see lookout in the Caribbean".

Silver Beach Dominica

Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica, pledges his government’s support to the venture.

CEO of Silver Beach Development, Alick Lawrence said in his concluding speech that there is value in this achievement. He dedicated this achievement to all the tourism stakeholders and everybody who is involved in this autograph collection of resorts. He said that Dominica will be known for this great project, but stressed that "there is still a resort to be built" the progress of which depends largely on the success of the Citizenship by Investment Program of the Commonwealth of Dominica. This Silver Beach resort project is funded by the citizenship program of the country.

This world class 5- star hotel project is in progress and will soon be available to visitors and travelers from across the world.

It is part of Marriott International’s portfolio of 30 hotel brands, and benefits from the largest and most recognised loyalty rewards programme in the industry.

Watch the full event here.

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