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Methods of obtaining Second Citizenship by Investment

What is SCBI: 

We have been working on a series of guides for people looking to explore second citizenship by investment options to better their lives, expand their businesses, travel more freely, or simply have a secondary place to call home if needed. 

The method of getting a second passport and citizenship by financial investment in the host nation's economy is known as citizenship by investment. 

Programs that grant citizenship through investment do so legally, more quickly than regular immigration procedures, without asking investors to put their lives on hold. There is numerous second citizenship by investment options available.

 As more nations see the economic benefits of welcoming immigrant investors, these schemes steadily rise.

Second citizenship by investment

Modes of investment:

Economic immigration, or investment immigration as it is sometimes referred to, is a more general word that refers to the ability to get not only citizenship but also residence by an investment in a foreign state in exchange for investment. Here are some of the ways in which you invest: 


Real-Estate investments are one of the quickest ways to get citizenship. This form of investment entails buying a commercial or residential property that is approved by the government. 

Usually, the nature of the ownership is "Shared," but it can be full ownership, shared, or a lease for the required donation. 

St Kitts and Nevis program is a perfect example of full or partial investment via real estate. 

If you have invested in a resort in the Caribbean, chances are you will get a yearly financial return and can also enjoy the resort services once a year! 

The Real Estate investments have to be maintained for a said amount of time, usually 3 to 5 years in most cases, after which you can sell off your share at the current market value.


Most countries also allow for a donation route to get citizenship. 

The donation is non-refundable and adds to the well-being of the state and its people, and in return, you get access to its citizenship. 

The donation amount varies if you are a single applicant or applying as a family. 

In most cases, the minimum donation amount for single applicants is $100,000. 

Government Bonds:

Buying government bonds is a technique to become a citizen or gain permanent residency without investing money or getting directly involved in a business. 

The bonds are guaranteed by the government of the particular nation, and your entire investment is refunded without interest.

Government bonds are considered a stable investment. When working with the government, investors typically benefit from higher transparency and peace of mind. 

For example, for an investment of USD 500,000 in government bonds, Turkey gives investors the chance to obtain citizenship and a second passport for themselves and their families. Turkey offers various government bond kinds and alternatives, making it simple for investors to build a portfolio that gives them both Turkish citizenship and financial returns. The investment must be kept for three years after the candidate receives citizenship.

Countries offering SCBI for investors and the duration for processing:

In 1984, St. Kitts launched the first citizenship by investment program. Dominica followed in 1993, and it wasn't until 2014 that a large number of additional nations joined the CIP club and the market for investment citizenship gathered steam, creating a $2 billion business. Along with Malta and Cyprus in Europe, St. Lucia and Vanuatu recently entered the market for citizenship by investment.

St Kitts and Nevis

The oldest citizenship by investment scheme in the Caribbean is located in St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis require a one-time donation of USD 150,000 or a real estate investment of USD 200,000 for single applicants to qualify for citizenship. 

Neither a visit nor a requirement for residency is necessary to obtain a passport. The time to citizenship is anywhere between 4 to 6 months, and you get visa-free access to 160 countries. 

A single applicant may list their family members as dependents, such as the main applicant's spouse, biological or adopted adult children under 30, and parents over 55. 

St Lucia

The government, a part of the British Commonwealth, requests a minimum investment of $100,000 through National Economic Funds or a minimum investment of $300,000 through government-approved real estate investment options to apply for a second passport. 

You can also invest in a government bond of $500,000, a risk-free investment that will be returned after five years of holding. 

A single applicant may request the designation of family members as their dependents. You can now include your spouse besides your children up to the age of 30 and your parents older than 55 if you are supporting them. 

You may add a younger, unmarried sister or brother to your application. You get access to visa-free travel to 145 countries with St Lucia's citizenship, and the process takes approximately 2 to 3 months. 


The most economical and flexible option for second citizenship by investment is Dominican Citizenship, which has been available since 1993. Before implementing the Dominica citizenship program, citizenship for Dominica could only be obtained by staying on the island.

A single applicant can donate a minimum of $100,000 or invest $200,000 in a government-approved Real Estate property.

A single application may list up to three family members as dependents, such as the main applicant's spouse, biological or adopted children under 30, and parents of any age. The process takes three months and can grant you access to visa-free travel to 143 countries.


The National Transformation Fund (NTF) or government-approved real estate projects with a minimum investment of USD 220,000 in the nation are the two ways that an applicant can obtain a Grenada passport for a basic non-refundable gift of USD 150,000. 

Visa-free and visa-on-arrival travel is permitted for Grenadian nationals in 143 nations, including Singapore, China, Russia, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the Schengen region. 

Additionally, the holder has a chance to get an E2 Investor visa for the United States of America. Only Grenada in the Caribbean region offers this E2 Visa option through their CBI program. 

The processing time is four months from the start of the CBI program application. 

A single applicant may list his or her family members as dependents, such as the main applicant's spouse, children under 30 (biological or adopted), and dependent parents.


There are a number of ways a single applicant can apply for citizenship in turkey. You can make a real estate investment of at least US$400,000 or invest in a fixed capital investment fund, as certified by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, of USD 500,000 or its equivalent in Turkish Lira.

As confirmed by the Ministry of Family, Labour, and Social Services, you will have to create at least 50 jobs. You can also deposit at least USD 500,000 (or an equivalent amount in another currency) or TRY in Turkish banks with the understanding that you won't withdraw the money for at least three (3) years.

As a single applicant, your spouse, parents, and children who have not reached the age of 18 can be considered your dependents for the residency card. The processing time for Turkish citizenship is 4 to 6 months, and you get visa-free travel access to 110 countries.

Antigua and Barbuda

There are several ways to invest to become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda

You can become a citizen by giving $100,000 to the National Development Fund (NDF), investing in a business or university, or buying property on the island starting at $200,000. 

You and your dependents must take the oath of loyalty during your first five years of citizenship, during which you must live in Antigua for a minimum of five days.

A single applicant may list their family members as dependents, such as their spouse, biological or adopted children under 30, and parents older than 55. The processing time is four months, and you get visa-free access to 148+ countries. 

How to select the best CBI program with examples:

The Caribbean offers the most affordable citizenship by investment options for individuals and families. Donations, which for many people are more affordable than real estate, allow you to see the actual costs of CBI. Dominica and St. Lucia are the least expensive for one person.

Case 1: The Cheapest Option:

If you have a limited budget or are simply looking to start your investment journey to second citizenship with the least risk, this option will be the best for you.

Even though the program choice depends entirely on a case-to-case basis, the highest CBI ranking is for the Dominica CBI program. Dominica's Citizenship by Investment Program, which was established in 1993, has been recognized as the best CBI program for five years running by the CBI Index, a publication of the Financial Times' Professional Wealth Management (PWM) magazine.

The CBI scheme only accepts candidates with exceptional character and reputation, focusing on their quality and integrity.

 All applicants over 18 undergo thorough due diligence checks to guarantee that only trustworthy individuals with high standing are awarded citizenship.

Case 2: The Fastest Option: 

If you are looking to get your second citizenship as quickly as possible because maybe you are looking to move to a safer place or you want to expand your business and have opportunities you cannot miss, this is the best option for you.

You can get your dual citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis in 60 days if you apply through the Accelerated Application Programme and pay an extra cost, providing you are found to be trustworthy. 

To become a citizen, investors do not need to pass a history or language test. In addition, it is not necessary to move to St. Kitts and Nevis before or after getting a passport; there are no residency requirements. 

Investors are not permitted to seek citizenship by investment on their own under St. Kitts and Nevis law. To take part in St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program, the applicant must speak with a licensed agent.

 A consulting firm that helps applicants at every stage of the citizenship application process is the licensed agent.


Citizenship by investment is a more and more popular option for people who want to travel more and become citizens of the world. Having various nationalities gives investors a backup plan in tumultuous and unpredictable times. Those granted second citizenship can use the same privileges as local citizens, such as access to medical treatment, educational opportunities, and employment. 

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