New Policy for Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program, 2020

New Policy for Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program, 2020

The Citizenship Unit of the Govt. of Dominica has issued a notice for future applicants to be implemented from Monday, 3rd of Feb, 2020.

According to this notice the citizenship unit of Dominica has instructed all the Govt. authorized Agents to -

  • Submit with both the electronic and hard copy applications a world check/ pre-screen due diligence of their applicant(s) from a reputable due diligence company.

The notice further mentions about applicants who do not qualify for the program. These are-

  • Applicants who have been denied a visa from jurisdictions with whom the Commonwealth of Dominica has a visa waiver agreement (i.e. the Schengen Region and the United Kingdom) should refrain from applying to the program.

As such those who have been denied a visa from UK and Schengen Regions need not apply for Dominica Citizenship.

The notice mentions nationals of Iran, Sudan and North Korea have to qualify for the following conditions before applying for the program-

  • That they have lived and resided out of the jurisdiction for a period of 10 years
  • They have not performed any business or similar activity in the stated jurisdictions.
  • They have no substantial assets in Iran

Lastly, the Citizenship by Investment Unit also notified the following-

  • For applicants who intend to invest in Real Estate for Citizenship, Proof of full Investment into the relevant account must be shown along with other required documents.

These criteria will come to effect from Monday on, those who have applied before the 3rd of Feb, 2020 need only refer to the policy in effect before the issuance of this notice.

For more details or queries contact us.

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