On 27th February Prime Roosevelt Skerrit launches the Silver Beach Resort Project in Dominica Citizenship Conference 2016, Dubai, organized by the CTrustGlobal, Caribbean Trust Immigration Services led by CEO Dr. Aly El Dakroury and Mrs. Nivin Ali. The Silver Beach Resort project headed by the Attorney of Law Alick Lawrence and Dr. Aly El Dakroury.

The Attorney of Law Alick Lawrence described the beauty of Dominica to Dominica citizens residing in UAE

“Many of you I recognized as citizens of Dominica who’ve been to Dominica before and you can testify to the fact that Dominica is a very beautiful country. Dominica is green and it’s naturally beautiful and it’s an island lying in the middle of Caribbean chain between the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.”

“We are therefore very fortunate to have in Dominica, the Silver Beach Development one of the best beaches that you can find in our country.”


Mr. Lawrence mentioned about the characteristics and advantages of the development and how it will benefit the Dominica Citizen investors.

“One of the unique features of this development is that it offers you two choices. You can either buy a full title unit in this case you get a title deed to your unit in the development or if you wish you can buy a shares in the developer and own the remain of development.”

“It will be a 200 room development and we will have a hundred of those units will be sold as full title deed units. 100 persons of a family can buy individual units in the development and the price for a unit is $280,000. Each full title unit will be 650 square feet or 61 square meters and will be fully furnished.”

“For investors who preferred to buy a shares the cost of shares will be $220,000. The environment in this development is very strategic and beneficial. Within three minutes’ walk along the main road from the development is the Ross University which the Prime Minister referred to. Ross University is the largest offshore medical school in the world. Even closer to the development, and quite co incidentally is the only mosque in Dominica, the Al Ansar Mosque.”

“Now as you can imagine, if we are to meet the high standard that we seek for the resort, the resort contains all the facilities, amenities and services that you’ll expect to the world class resort. With presidential suits, two world class restaurant, various bars, world class spa, kiddie pool and the like.”


It was emphasized that full and final plan information was obtained from the government and the Project Managers with extensive experience in hospitality projects were shop listed. The target date to start the project is September of this year and the construction period is within 24 month period. This highly approved development aims to be an international hotel franchise and a leading extraordinary beach resort in Dominica.

 “We therefore invite you to participate in the development and be part of the shining star which is rising over Dominica, ladies and gentlemen I recommend ‘The Silver Beach Development’ to you.”