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Residence permits for non-EU Citizens

The Article 6 of Law 4146/2013 provides among others that a third country national may obtain a five-year-term renewable residence permit in Greece under the terms he owns land property in the country. Some of the stunning views and places in Greece including plethora of ancient ruins, Cape Sounion, whitewashed villages, sunny beaches, Thessaloniki, tasty cuisine and friendly atmosphere, none can object that Greece ranks among the Europe’s top travel destinations. Greece is made up of a mountainous mainland and hundreds of islands where each one offers its own share of stunning landscapes, historic sites, nightlife scenes and cultural delights.

Greece Program Fees

The price of the land property must be at least 250,000€. The family members of the alien have also the right to acquire a renewable personal residence permit. 

The holder of a Greek passport becomes a European citizen. Such a citizen can travel through the borders of the 15 (and soon 25) member states of the EU without the need of a visa, a work permit or a residence permit. He/she has the right to reside in one member state indefinitely, enjoying all the privileges and the social benefits of the locals.

A European citizen can refer his/her case, in his mother tongue, to the European Court of Justice (ECJ), Europe’s supreme court, which is responsible for the uniform application of the European law all over the EU, from Crete and Naples to Edinburgh and Berlin and from London and Thessaloniki to Copenhagen and Amstardam. It is noteworthy that Mr. Skouris, a Greek jurist, has been elected for the next three years president of this prestigious and very powerful Court.

A European citizen can also seek justice to the European Ombudsman, (mediator between private parsons and the European institutions), who also happens to be Greek, Mr. Diamantouros.

The holder of a Greek (and therefore European) passport can write to the agencies of the European Commission, which is a body of 15 Commissioners, who are the Executive of the European Union. Among the 15 Commissioners there is also a Greek, Mrs. Anna Diamantopoulou.

Finally, a European citizen can always refer to the rules of the European Central Bank, (an equivalent of the US Federal Reserve), which governs the monetary and banking system throughout Europe and happens to have a vice president who is also Greek, Mr. Loukas Papadimos.

From the above, we realize that a European citizen can also have a career at the federal agencies of the European Union, which is the governmental bureaucracy of Europe.

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1)  Issue of long stay visa type D:

If an alien desires to purchase land property in Greece in order to acquire residence permit according to the above mentioned Law, he must obtain a visa type D, issued by the Greek consulate located in the country of origin / residence.

The documents required are the following:

1)     Original Passport
2)     Certified copy of police criminal record of the country of origin / residence
3)     Travel insurance
4)     Health certificate
5)     Bank Statement for the last six months proving the economic capacity.
6)    Copy from the contract of sale “we provide for the clients when they book the property”
7)    Official invitation from Greece “we will provide” for the completing the purchase and documents.

As a holder of visa type D the alien may enter Greece and undertake any necessary action for the buying of the property. Afterwards he has the right to apply for the five-year-term residence permit. In any case all the above procedures must have been completed by the expiry date of the visa type D.

2)  Issuing the Residence Permit:

After the purchase procedure has been completed, our lawyer (with POA) will proceed to the Decentralized Authority (Immigration service) applying for the issue of the residence permit according to the above mentioned provision of Law.

The documents required are the following:

1)     Application form in duplicate (“we will provide”)
2)     Three (3) recent coloured photos
3)     Certified copy of valid passport including visa type D
4)     Certificate of Medicare insurance
5)     Recent certified copy of the country of origin (office copy) for the family status of the alien proving the family relationship
6)     Certified copy (office copy) of the contract of the purchase of the land property
7)     Certificate of the Land Registry
8)     Certificate of the Notary that the contract has been signed under the conditions of article 6 of Law 4146/2013