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Best Citizenship by investment opportunity for Indian Nationals

Best Citizenship by investment opportunity for Indian Nationals

India’s staggering population is growing day by day and this should be a buzzing sound for every Indian. It’s no wonder why Indian Nationals are found in all corners of the world, looking for better opportunities and perhaps a way to secure a second passport through citizenship by investment for a better future. While acquiring citizenship in some countries might not be an easy feat, especially for low-income earners, it’s easy for rich Indian investors who are willing to secure a second passport. Ahead, we are going to discuss the following:

  • Why should Indian nationals consider a second passport?
  • Why an Indian should choose a Grenada passport

Why should Indian Nationals Consider a second passport?

It’s no more news that India is the second most populated country in the world and the reasons for acquiring a second passport are numerous and varied. The ease of international travel, tax breaks and social security services are just a few. But what about national pride? Many Indians choose to obtain citizenship in foreign countries because they believe it would bring more benefits than retaining their original one.

  • International travel

Traveling the world is a dream of everyone. With the passport ranking in 85th place, Indian passport holders have access to 59 Visa-free destinations, resulting in limitations on traveling freedom. This means that getting a second passport and dual citizenship in a country with a good passport ranking is very ideal for Indians.

  • Tax Breaks

For Indians, is it difficult to enjoy tax breaks in your country but there are a lot of countries out there that offer tax freedom. Think of a country like Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, or Monaco that does not impose income tax on its residents, regardless of where they earn their income.

  • Security

The security situation in India cannot be overemphasized. From food security, and unemployment to the high crime rate, India has continued to record more and more security-related cases. According to a recent report, the crime rate in India increased from 383.5 in 2018 and 385.5 in 2019 to 383.8 in 2020. And the cause was generally attributed to COVID-19-related restrictions and violations. In this case, many Indians consider other counties that they deem better and safer for their family.

  • Education

Education is another reason why Indian nationals should consider a second passport. While the government of India might offer free education for pupils in government schools up to ten grades, as an Indian national, your children can enjoy free education in other countries across the pond.

Why should Indian nationals consider Citizenship by investment program from Grenada?

Dual citizenship is a sign of national pride. While Indian nationalism is monogamous, the world has become more polygamous. Dual citizenship is a wise decision in today's globalized world. Here are the reasons why you should opt for Grenada citizenship:

  • Visa-free travel to over 146 countries.

With a Grenada passport, you can travel to 146 countries visa.

  • Duty-free trading in the Caribbean

You can set up a business in Grenada and enjoy tax freedom

  • Investment is recoverable

For Indian investors opting for the Grenada real estate program, you can recover your investment after 5-years by selling the property.

  • Opportunity to invest in the US

As the only Caribbean country with an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa with the United States, holders of Grenada passport can invest and run a business in the US.

  • Fly the world with family members

Applying for Grenada passport allows you to add family members to the list.

  • Low crime rate

With a low crime rate, you can enjoy the Caribbean country without worrying about security.

  • Strong and stable economy

Grenada has a good economy, so you won’t worry about your investment.

What are the requirements for Indian nationals to acquire the Grenada passport?

There are two different pathways for Indian investors to acquire a Grenada passport and citizen and there are:

  • Grenada National Transformational Fund (NTF)

The minimum requirement for this option is $150,000 to be contributed to the Grenada Economic Diversification Fund program. Details of the donation and extra fees as shown below:

Single ApplicantUS $150,000
Main applicant and SpouseUS $200,000
Family up to four membersUS $200,000
Any additional dependent after the third dependentUS $25,000

Extra fees and Due diligence

Due DiligenceUSD 5,000 per person 17 and over
USD 0 for dependents 0 to 16
Application feeUS $1500 per person
Passport feeUS $250 person
  • Grenada Real Estate Investment for Indian Nationals

For Indian investors who are opting for this option, you must invest at least $220,000 in the Grenada government-approved real estate. Details of the extra fee is shown below:

Main applicant + Spouse + 2 ChildrenUSD $50,000
Additional dependentsUSD $25,000
Application feeUSD $1,500 each
Application fees for dependents under 18-yearsUSD $500 each

Steps to take in order to apply for a Grenada passport

  • Contact us or fill out our form below and we will get in touch with you.
  • After the first step, we will set up a meeting with you to discuss further.

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