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One of the most important reasons for the people to get another citizenship or even residency is freedom of travel, it is well known that who grant Permanent Residence “PR” in any Schengen States of the European Union will be free to travel in all Europe whatever his current nationality.  The applicants of Citizenship by Investment program will enjoy same benefits of visa-free travel to whole Europe and other countries just like the birth national of that country.


Caribbean Passport benefits

After getting your next Citizenship, it comes with many benefits, the most important one is to visit different countries without applying for visa prior to travel. With your new Citizenship you can visit the country without visa. Below is the Visa Free Countries List for different citizenships.

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Being the Authorized Agent for CIP Program of Dominica, Office Promoter of CIP Program of Saint Lucia, Authorized Agent of CIP program of Grenada and Authorized Representative of CIP program of Antigua & Barbuda and various residency by investment programs.

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