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Your complete guide to Second Citizenship by Investment 2022

Who would have thought we would tell you that traveling visa-free to pretty much more than half of the world is a straightforward possibility? A little background story on this guy we met during the pandemic's peak, which was looking to relocate his family. 

When our client relationship manager met him, he was in for a surprise because he had never heard of a fast-tracked option to get citizenship. After just 3 months, he is now happily traveling like a boss growing his businesses across the globe. 

High net worth individuals in developing countries who want to diversify their investment portfolio with a second passport are drawn to citizenship-by-investment programs. 

Most people we come across in our meetings don't believe us at first when we tell them how easy it is to get a second passport or citizenship in a foreign land. 

Did you know that the market for CBI passports has grown to be worth $5 billion annually, and the market for Golden visas is worth another $25 billion?

 As of 2022, the market for investor residence and citizenship was valued at $30 billion and is expected to keep expanding.

Is this something that interests you cause we know you have been eyeing such options? 

We promise there are no gimmicks, no complicated lifelong commitments, etc. So just stick around with us till the end, and let us walk you through what could be the entry to the dream life you have always wanted. 

What is Citizenship by Investment (CBI)?

Second Citizenship by Investment 2022

Citizenship by investment (CBI) is the procedure that grants second citizenship to individuals—and, in certain situations, their families—in return for a monetary contribution to the economy of the host nation. 

In the Caribbean, the idea of citizenship by investment was initially established, with St. Kitts and Nevis launching the first program in this area in 1984.

Citizenship is different from getting a "passport," and most people confuse the two. 

Assuming that citizenship by investment programs can be boiled down to expressions like "purchasing a passport" or "passport for sale" is incorrect. 

The link between a state and an individual is represented by citizenship, which gives citizens rights and obligations. On the other hand, a passport is a document that enables interstate travel, and that's pretty much it. 

It doesn't matter what people say or what an expression implies. Governments will grant citizenship and "second passports" as long as you will invest in the state or donate to it, which, if you ask us, is a win-win situation! 

Such programs benefit countries and allow them to attract high-profile investors, business people, and entrepreneurs, which increases the amount of investment is done in the said state/country. 

How to obtain CBI?

As discussed above, citizen-by-investment programs are legitimate, legal pathways that allow you to form a relationship with a country. 

You invest either by donations, real estate investments, or business investments, and the government allows you legal citizenship rights. 

This does not entail that you are exempt from the state's laws.

You have to live and abide by all laws of the said country, which include voting, respecting the rights of minorities, respecting the rights to freedom of expression, etc. 

So how does one go about investing? Let's explore a few options. 

Real-State Investment: 

One of the most common options you will see popping up is Real Estate Investment and let's look over a few pros and cons. 


  1. It's a lucrative option for people already used to investing in real estate.
  2. Some unique real-estate projects are out there, such as the Bois Cotlette in Dominica, which is being deemed a "ground-breaking" investment opportunity.
  3. You are often eligible to fast-track your citizenship as a real estate investor. 


  1.  With such an investment, you only have shared ownership of the project and little to no say in its development. 
  2. It might seem like a cheaper alternative for the family, but adding government fees to the equation bumps up the cost.


One of the most rewarding and selfless ways to contribute to a country's betterment while approaching citizenship is through donations. We can make donations to achieve citizenship status and all the perks that come with it.


  1. The perfect option for philanthropists
  2. Often the most uncomplicated and cheapest route. 
  3. The easiest and quickest way to access economic hubs across the border with a decent donation amount grow your business while satisfying your conscience! 


  1. Donations are a non-refundable form of investment. 
  2. It might not be the best option for everyone.

On average, most Caribbean countries allow for a donation of $100,000 to qualify for citizenship. 

The donation amount can go up based on the country of choice. 

Investment through Banks or Bonds:

Perhaps the most attractive route for first-time investors and those looking to get a refund on investment is government bonds allow you to invest in a bond or bank with the only condition that you hold it for five years. 

After the government guarantees the bond, your investment is returned with no incurred interest in most cases. 


  1. A great way to invest without risking capital 
  2. A "Refundable" form of investment
  3. Some countries offer a fast-track option to people purchasing additional bonds


  1. The minimum holding period for most cases is five years. 
  2. It is sometimes (not always) part of a more hybrid system where you will have to invest in other options besides holding a bond.

In all honesty, there aren't many cons to this type of investment. It's a great and much better option than investing in Real Estate, and you can also finance your investment, in which case your initial deposit will not be returned but will cover other charges or your loans.  


We often get reached out by business people or startup founders looking to expand their businesses to other parts of the world but are unsure of how to do it. 

Getting citizenship to a country that allows your visa-free entry to, let's say, Schengen, is a great way to take your business to otherwise inaccessible china. Or perhaps you want to start a business in the US? Or maybe invest in a company in Canada or Turkey. 

All of this is possible, and this route doesn't have any pros or cons because this is a very niche-specific category of people seeking business opportunities. 

Your only expectation will be to create new employment opportunities in the country you choose to start a business in or preserve existing ones. 

Benefits of CBI? 

The primary reason citizen by investment programs have become so excited recently is that citizenship is granted quickly—within two to three months—without a trip to the country and with no residency restrictions. 

Visa-Free Travel: 

Let's look at what some countries offer in terms of visa-free travel: 

  • Antigua and Barbuda provide Visa-free travel to 150 countries 
  • St. Kitts and Nevis stand at 157 countries with Visa-free travel
  • Grenada at 144 St. Lucia at 146 and Dominica 139, and the list continues. 

For most people, getting a second passport means greater opportunity to travel, especially to places not accessible by their current passports. 

Visa-free travel also ties down to the fact that people can access greater opportunities for business, education, retirement, or even just traveling and learning.

People from countries with strong passports can also benefit from such programs because having a second passport means you have a safety bracket, and it acts as insurance for any mishap.

Tax Break: 

Tax benefits are available for acquiring second citizenship through investing. If you become a tax resident and have dual citizenship, as in the Caribbean, you may benefit from lower tax rates. Therefore, you have the chance for increased tax efficiency if you hold a second passport obtained through investing in Antigua and Barbuda or Grenada. 

Similarly, many people in the US suffer from paying taxes even if they no longer live in the US and have businesses elsewhere. The only option for them to avoid this unnecessary tax burden is to revoke their US citizenship, before which they will have to have a second passport. Citizenship by investment programs can help these individuals get a second passport within three months and evade this burden.

Business opportunities: 

Your market share will rise as soon as you start operations in a new area. New customers' enthusiastic reception of your goods and services may increase sales. Those possessing passports from developing-world nations with strict visa requirements stand to gain the most from investing in economic citizenships.

Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Russian citizens comprise a sizable portion of the citizenship investor pool.

Because they are losing out on more opportunities because of their subpar passports and can afford the price of obtaining citizenship through investment for the significantly increased travel benefits.

A second Home: 

More often, people seek shelter or safety from conflict back home. Maybe something goes haywire in your current country of residence, and you have nothing to fall back on. Maybe you are escaping a conflict or simply looking for a second home to retire or safely and legally protect your offshore assets. 

A second passport means access to a second home. 

Countries offering CBI

Let's look at some of the citizenship programs: 

Antigua and Barbuda

Getting an Antigua and Barbuda passport is an investment. You must contribute to the National Development Fund, make a business investment, or purchase real estate. These programs are sometimes susceptible to national government-initiated promotional reductions. 

While many regions of the world are experiencing unstable geopolitical conditions, Antigua and Barbuda's residents have a stable democratic system founded on Westminster, making it one of the world's safest and most secure nations.

Time: 6 months

Minimum Investment: $100,000

Visa-Free Travel: 150 countries


Compared to other investment citizenship schemes in comparable jurisdictions, the Dominica Citizenship Program offers good second citizenship and a strong second passport for a far reduced price. 

Several industry insiders rank Dominica as the least expensive and most accessible second passport option among reputed citizens by investment nations. 

Since 1993, Dominica has had the most established and well-respected "economic citizenship by investment" scheme, which allows citizenship to be granted to anyone who invests in real estate or contributes to the country's growth.

Time: 3 months

Minimum Investment: $100,000

Visa-Free Travel: 139 countries


Grenada's second citizenship program is an excellent option if you desire better personal economic potential and want it quickly.

For wealthy investors, the Grenada citizenship program has been a top attraction. It has been established to propel the island's economic development. 

Grenadian citizenship can be gained through a government contribution starting at $150,000 or by investing in island real estate that has been approved by the government starting at $220,000. The possession must be preserved for at least five years after citizenship is granted.

Time: 6 months

Minimum Investment: $150,000

Visa-Free Travel: 144 countries

St Kitts and Nevis

The oldest citizenship by investment scheme in the Caribbean is located in St. Kitts and Nevis. To qualify for citizenship, St. Kitts and Nevis require a onetime donation of USD 150,000 or a real estate investment of USD 200,000. Neither a visit nor a requirement for residency is necessary to get a St. Kitts passport.

Time: 4 months

Minimum Investment: $150,000

Visa-Free Travel: 150 countries

St Lucia

St. Lucia reduced the required investment amount to $100,000 in 2017, making it one of the most competitive and alluring CIPs in the Caribbean. The St. Lucian passport can be obtained without having to live or travel there. For a $100,000 onetime donation to the government fund, $250,000 in government bonds, or $300,000 in real estate investment in St. Lucia, St. Lucia gives citizenship to international investors. 

Time: 4 months

Minimum Investment: $100,000

Visa-Free Travel: 146 countries

Ready to start your process? 

The global pandemic has made travel impossible. CBI methods that don't involve a physical visit for a passport have consequently grown very well-liked. 

CTrustGlobal is an international consultancy established in 1994, specializing in citizenship and residency by investment program acquisition. With a 100% approval rate, your application is in safe hands. 

Article written by CTrustGlobal
CTrustGlobal is a Government recognized and Authorized Immigration and Investment Program agent, representative, promoter and marketer. We are the leading name in providing investor immigration services as per the guidelines offered by The Governments of the Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda and Saint Kitts & Nevis and Cyprus.


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